Thank you for your interest in joining Executive Women in Finance!  All applications are subject to board approval.


Significant experience* in the financial industry, including chief financial officers, treasurers, commercial and investment bankers, attorneys, CPAs, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs representing both national and local organizations. We aim to reflect a wide range of executive-level positions in the finance profession.  The annual dues for a Full Member are $350.

*At least five years of experience within the finance industry.


Associate Members are those with less than five years of experience in the financial industry and/or working towards a graduate degree in the field.  These members are not eligible to vote, however, one Associate Member will be appointed to serve as a Board Liaison, and may attend one board meeting per quarter (at the discretion of the board).  Associate Members may serve on a committee, but may not hold a committee chair position.  This category is limited to 10% of the total membership base.  The annual dues for an Associate Member are $250.


Any person who was a former member of Executive Women in Finance preceding their retirement and/or has significant experience (not less than five years) in the financial industry preceding their retirement.  Retiree Members have full voting rights, and may serve on and/or chair a committee.  The annual dues for a Retiree Member are $250.


Executive Women in Finance’s success and growth is due, in part, to our commitment to the organization’s mission, values, and standards of business ethics.  While a variety of opportunities are provided for business development to our members, overt solicitation, use of the membership directory for business development or marketing, or sharing of member information with non-members without the prior approval of the board of directors is strictly prohibited.